Cylinderical Precision Resistor


Resistance up to 10TΩ

Resistance tolerance: ±1% to ±10%

Rated voltage up to 14KV

TCR as low as ±25ppm/℃

Customization available


High voltage generator; Precision high voltage power resource; High reliability X-rays system

Electrical Characteristics:

Rated Voltage: 3KV to 14KV (DC)

Resistance Range: 5Ω to 10TΩ

Tolerance: ±1%   ±2%   ±5%   ±10%

TCR: ±25ppm/℃   ±50ppm/℃   ±100ppm/℃   ±100ppm/℃

VCR: ≤20ppm/V

Rated Power: 1W to 5W

Stability: ±0.5% (1000hours, 125℃)

Overload: ΔR≤0.5% (10 seconds @150% rated power)

Thermal Shock: ΔR≤0.25%

Moisture Resistance: ΔR≤0.4%

Climate Category: 55/125/56

Physical Characteristics:

Construction: Ceramic core

Case: High temperature silicone conformal encapsulation

Lead Material: Tinned copper solid wire, AWG as specified in selection table

Lead Strength: Capable of withstanding a five pound pull force axially

Selection Table:

RPE Series 22 42
L1 (mm) 22 42
L2 (mm) 28±3 38±3 *Default value, customization available
D1 (mm) 5±1
D2 (AWG) AWG20/18
Rated Power (W) 01/2/3 02/3/5
Rated Voltage (KV) 3/4 10/14
Resistance Range (Ω) Max 1T 10T
Min. 5 5
Tolerance (± %) 1/2/5/10
TCR (± ppm/℃) 25/50/100/1000
Stability ±0.5% (1000hours, 125℃)