Hybrid Vehicle Power Capacitor


Specific Design for Hybrid Vehicle

High Reliability

Non-inductive Construction

Excellent Self-healing

Customization available

Electrical Characteristics:

Rated capacitance: 300uF ~ 3000uF

Tolerance: ±5% ±10%

Rated voltage: 450V ~ 900V (DC) Outstanding voltage between terminals: 1.5Rated Voltage Outstanding voltage between terminals and case: 2500V (AC)

Overvoltage: 1.5Rated voltage

Insulation resistance: ≥10000MΩ (20℃, 2min, 500V)

Dissipation factor: 2x10-4

ESR: ≤0.1mΩ

Self-inductance: ≤5nH

Rated current: Up to 250Arms

ΔC/C0: ≤±3%

Operating Condition: -40℃ ~ +105℃ (1.25 voltage derating per ℃ over 85℃)

Max. Relative Humidity: 95%

Physical Characteristics:

Construction: Non-inductive wound metallized polypropylene

Case: PBT plastic (customization available based on requirement)

Lead material: Soldering lug

*Hybrid Vehicle Power Capacitor is highly customized product due to different battery voltage, driven power, dimension of driven controller and inner distribution, please provide more details when inquiry, such as electrical characteristics, Mechanical specification etc.